How to Stream on Mixer

Many people associate live streaming with a handful of popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. However, Microsoft has entered the market with a streaming platform of their own and it’s called Mixer. Mixer boasts several bold and unique features that includes built-in support for Windows 10 and Xbox One users. If you’re eager to learn how to stream on Mixer, the barrier to entry has never been lower.

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Why You Should Stream to Mixer

Microsoft has invested heavily in cloud based products over the last few years and that development has spawned what Microsoft calls Game Stack. As a collection of platforms, tools and services that are built for game development. This includes Azure, DirectX, Visual Studio, Xbox Live and Mixer. This allows Microsoft to control the quality of their products from cloud to consumer with the freedom to innovate where competitors would have issues meeting the demands of streamers and their audience alike.

This also doesn’t impede anyone from integrating additional live streaming equipment to their setup, like a green screen or an Elgato Stream Deck, however additional software might be required.

FTL Technology

One main distinction that separates Mixer from the other streaming platforms is their ability to leverage incredibly low latency, which Microsoft is calling FTL(Faster Than Light) Technology. The latency advantage offers a few distinct advantages, one of which is real-time influence and participation for in game streams. This makes streaming and gaming effortless, allowing for a more interactive environment with the audience, a refreshing surprise compared to some other streaming platforms.

Interactive Elements

In addition to FTL Technology, Mixer also provides interactive elements that allow the audience to insert sound effects and on screen graphics without the use of third party software. Not unlike YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, Mixer offers a wide range of streaming categories, although the most popular are normally gaming related channels, you are free to interact with any channel with the interactive elements. 

Microsoft has also included these elements with Mixer approved video games, allowing for the audience to interact directly with the game while the streamer is playing through in-game events. Viewers will have the ability to help or hinder their favorite streamer during actual live gameplay, with just a few clicks of a button. In addition, Mixer has instituted a plan for viewers to earn XP and Sparks by watching Mixer live streams and interacting with the community. It is these very items that create a currency for the viewers that allow them to activate the interactive elements. This is a unique and fun way to help bridge the gap between a live streamer and their community.

Windows 10 and Xbox One

Microsoft has invested heavily in creating an easy to use environment for Windows 10 and Xbox One users. It requires very little technical knowledge and can stream your gameplay to Mixer with very little overhead, making this a great, low barrier to entry option for those looking to live stream their gameplay.

Here is how to stream on mixer:

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For Windows 10 PC Users:

For Windows 10 PC Users it’s quite easy to stream to Mixer. Microsoft has implemented a feature directly into Windows 10 called the Xbox GameBar, this allows you to stream to Mixer without the use of third party software like OBS or Xsplit. The Xbox GameBar has made it very simple to configure your stream, all options presented from the Xbox GameBar home screen. Head over to Mixer, create your account and link it up with your Microsoft account in order to get started. Once your Mixer account is all set and ready to go, you’re only a few clicks away from streaming.

  • Create an account on Mixer
  • Link your account with Microsoft
  • Launch your game of choice on a Windows 10 PC
  • Press the Windows Key + G to launch the Xbox GameBar
  • Choose Home > Broadcast & Capture option
  • Select the Start Broadcasting option and begin configuring the look of your stream
  • Select Start Broadcast when you’re ready to stream to Mixer

For Xbox One Users:

For an Xbox One user these steps also require creating an account on Mixer. The next step you’ll want to do is to link it up with your Microsoft account, this will use the very same account that you’ve created for the Xbox One. Streaming to Mixer in this fashion will also not require the use of third party software or hardware. Some streamers might leverage the use of an external capture card and pass the signal through OBS or Xsplit in order to stream, however this is not required for streaming to Mixer as the following steps will be the more cost effective and simpler solution.

  • Create your Mixer account
  • Log into your Mixer account and link it with your existing Microsoft account
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the guide
  • Scroll down to the Broadcast icon
  • Select Broadcast Your Game
  • Enter a title for your stream on Mixer
  • Select any corresponding options for your Chat, Camera and Microphone
  • Select Start Broadcast

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Stream on Mixer

Can you make money streaming on Mixer?

Yes. Mixer offers two options, a subscription model called a Pro account and a Sparks based system that operates similar to how Twitch Bits work. Both of which can produce revenue for a streamer on Mixer.

How do I stream Mixer on Xbox One?

Microsoft has built-in, easy to use functionality with the Xbox One and its ability to stream to Mixer. Travel to the Broadcast icon on your Xbox One and fill in your stream title, along with microphone and camera options, should you require them. Then, select the Start Broadcast, you’re all set, voila!

Can you stream on Twitch and Mixer?

If you prefer to use OBS or another streaming software solution, you have the option to stream to multiple outputs including Twitch and Mixer. However, it is far easier to leverage the built-in features provided by a Windows 10 PC and stream directly to Mixer.

How do I start streaming on Mixer?

First create a Mixer account then use your Windows 10 PC or Xbox One and use the built-in streaming software to launch your game and stream with a few clicks of a button. You also have the option to leverage OBS or other software streaming solutions to stream to Mixer, however they require more technical knowledge and a lot more time invested in configuring and testing prior to launching your stream.

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Now You Know How to Stream to Mixer

The ability to stream to Mixer from a Windows 10 PC or an Xbox One is a very simple process thanks to the hardware and software engineers at Microsoft. When a competitor like Microsoft lends its weight behind a company, the marketplace takes notice.

This allows for improvements that benefit both the user and the audience, a streamlined user approach, alleviating the technical knowledge and understanding many popular software streaming solutions currently require.

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