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Everyone enjoys listening to music while watching Twitch, however what kind of music is safe? Royalty free and copyright free music is becoming a lot more popular due to changes in the Twitch Community Guidelines and increased frequency of DMCA takedown requests. Let’s explore some of the options you have when searching for copyright free music for Twitch.

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, as a live streamer you are not allowed to use another person’s intellectual property without exclusive rights. If you happen to play music, rebroadcast a television show or movie or play a pirated video game, all without express consent of the owner of said intellectual property, you can receive a DMCA takedown notification or request.

Twitch has more information about this and it’s part of their “Creator Camp” portion of the website. Should you want to dig deeper into DMCA, intellectual property and how Twitch handles these requests, you can read more here and here.

Twitch Community Guidelines

In addition to the Terms of Service, Twitch also lists a rather healthy set of Community Guidelines that all creators follow. Most of these guidelines are self explanatory and considered common sense, however there is a section towards the bottom explaining in more detail Twitch’s stance on Intellectual Property Rights.

Twitch has expressly detailed examples of what kind of content they do not approve of and how to avoid any issues in the future:

  • Other Twitch creators’ content
  • Pirated games or contented from unauthorized private servers
  • Content from other websites
  • Movies, television shows or sports
  • Music you do not own or have rights to share

Learn more about the Twitch Community Guidelines here.

Twitch DMCA Takedown

Should you receive a DMCA takedown request you can find it on Twitch, in your My Channel inbox. Additionally an email will be sent to the email corresponding with your account.

With each DMCA takedown request you will receive a copyright strike, you can track the number of copyright strikes on your account in the Video Producer section on Twitch.

Twitch also has a Repeat Infringer Policy, should anyone ignore multiple DMCA takedown requests or rack up multiple copyright strikes, they reserve the right to immediately terminate the repeat offenders account.

Learn more about Twitch DMCA Takedowns here.

Now with all of that out of the way, let’s take a look at the some of the best options for copyright free music for Twitch:

Epidemic Sound

Copyright free music Epidemic Sound
Courtesy of Epidemic Sound

The most popular and comprehensive solution is Epidemic Sound. They have amassed a royalty free database of 35,000 + tracks and upwards of 90,000 sound effects. Epidemic Sound is a great option for a Twitch streamer looking for DMCA free music along with a huge database of effects for Twitch alerts.

Epidemic Sound 35,000 + tracks are comprised of world class composes, artists and bands and the service comes with a free 30 day trial. Even on the cheapest and most affordable option, any Twitch streamer will have access to the most popular genres that Epidemic Sound provides, like Beats, Electronic, Hip Hop, Small emotions, Pop and Acoustic, to name a few.

And yes, this is also compatible with Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and of course, Twitch. They also have multiple subscription models, however the Personal tier is perfect for any content creator.

Three Subscription Tiers:

  • Personal – $15 per month for creating content or podcasts
  • Commercial – $49 per month for freelancers or a business creating commercial products
  • Enterprise – “Request a Quote” for a publisher, broadcaster or anyone in need of an enterprise solution

It’s also incredibly simple and easy to get started with Epidemic Sound, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Explore their catalog of music and sound effects
  2. Subscribe and add your channels
  3. Download as many tracks as you want
  4. Create and publish your content without worry of a DMCA request

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Twitch Soundtrack

copyright free music Soundtrack by Twitch
Courtesy of Twitch

Twitch has been working hard on their own solution to the live streaming DMCA issue and they have a really cool option that any Twitch streamer can take advantage of, it’s called Soundtrack by Twitch

Soundtrack is an app that provides you with rights-cleared music that anyone streaming to Twitch can use and not be at risk of receiving a DMCA request or copyright strike. This creator tool can be downloaded here and it’s compatible with OBS Studio, Twitch Studio and Streamlabs OBS.

The Soundtrack library from Twitch has a diverse group of artists and various genres to provide great music to stream with. Artists include Above & Beyond, mxmtoon, Porter Robinson, RAC, SwuM and many, many more.

Soundtrack contains some of the most popular genres:

  • Dance
  • Lo-Fi and Hip-Hop
  • Electronic
  • Rap

An additional cool feature that Soundtrack has is the ability to separate the music into its own audio channel. This means you can play your favorite music while streaming and you don’t have to worry about your VoDs or archive being muted or worse, receiving a copyright strike against your Twitch channel.

Pretzel Rocks

Copyright free music Pretzel Rocks
Courtesy of Pretzel Rocks

Pretzel Rocks is another great option for those live streaming to Twitch or YouTube. It boasts tens of thousands of hours of DMCA free music across multiple genres. You can access Pretzel Rocks from either a standalone app that can be downloaded from their website or opened within any browser.

Their catalog of royalty free music is curated and frequently updated to meet the needs of any content creator. Additionally, their standalone app works seamlessly with Twitch Extensions and Streamlabs OBS.

The DMCA free catalog of music is accessible in two different tiers: Free and Paid.

  • Free Tier – requires chatbot integration for artist attribution
  • Paid Tier – $5 per month subscription fee and 70% of the subscription fees go to the artists that make up the vast catalog of music

If you’re interested in paying it forward and supporting the artists that supply upwards of ten thousand hours of music, then perhaps Pretzel Rocks is the right royalty free music service for you.

However, It’s also good to remember that sticking with the free tier also helps the artist through the chatbot integration, which will alert your Twitch or YouTube chat what artist is currently playing. 

  • Wide variety of genres
  • Comes with a chat bot
  • Frequently updated catalog
  • Free tier requires chatbot integration for artist attribution

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Copyright free music Monstercat
Courtesy of Monstercat

Monstercat offers thousands of songs from some of the most popular artists and they have teamed up with Twitch to help live streamers make a safer choice for royalty free music. You can even visit Monstercat’s twitch channel at

Additionally, Twitch and Monstercat aim to help streamers gain affiliate status through signing up for their music streaming service.

Monstercat has two tiers: Free and Paid

  • Free – only free if you do not plan on monetizing your channel
  • Paid – $7.49 per month or $60 per year, their Gold subscription

Their music streaming service aims to help live streamers, regardless of platform, to create content without fear of DMCA claims or copyright strikes. They offer a high quality of audio along with additional perks including early listening access, discounts on the Monstercat shop and exclusive community features.

The Monstercat Gold subscription offers access to AAA artist releases along with their frequently updated catalog of brand new music and new artists.


Copyright free music Anjunabeats
Courtesy of Anjunabeats

AnjunaBeats is a British music label focused around electronic, trance and house music. Twitch has teamed up with the music label to produce Twitch x AnjunaBeats playlist that aims to provide the highest quality electronic dance music from artists like Above & Beyond, Ilan Bluestone, Lane 8, Mat Zo, Yotto, Sunny Lax, Jason Ross, Dusky, Genix and more.

The Twitch x Anjuna Beats playlist, that you can find on Spotify has amassed 500 DMCA free music tracks that encompass an actively curated catalog.

Additionally, this playlist has also been added to other services like Soundtrack by Twitch and recently has been included with the Pretzel Rocks streaming service. This is a great step forward by a music label to help make DMCA free, royalty free and above all else, worry free music playlists for any content creators live streaming to Twitch and YouTube.

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Which DMCA Free Music Playlists are on Spotify?

Copyright free music Spotify
Courtesy of Spotify

There are a plethora of free streaming services out there, whether you prefer YouTube, Soundcloud, however Spotify has made it extremely easy to collate specific playlists and this will serve as a list of a few of the most popular DMCA free music found on Spotify.

Royalty Free Gaming Music for Twitch(DMCA Free) 

Spotify Link

  • Almost 9,000 likes on Spotify
  • 106 song playlist
  • About 5 hours and 30 minutes in continuous music

Spotify Link

  • Almost 30,000 likes on Spotify
  • 448 song playlist made for Twitch and YouTube
  • About 24 hours of continuous music
  • No muted VoDs or DMCA takedown requests

Spotify Link

  • Almost 8,500 likes on Spotify
  • 345 song playlist
  • About 19 hours of continuous music

Spotify Link

  • Holiday theme music only
  • 15 song playlist
  • About 1 hour of continuous music

Can I use Epidemic Sound on Twitch?

Absolutely! Epidemic Sound can be used as a 30 day free trial or you can sign up for a Personal account and monetize your live streaming hijinks on Twitch.

How do you add Twitch Soundtrack to Streamlabs?

You can seamlessly and easily add Twitch Soundtrack to Streamlabs OBS in three steps:

Open Streamlabs OBS and click on the + sign to add a new source
Add the Twitch Soundtrack source to your scene
After you add the source, a new Soundtrack source will appear in the audio mixer

That’s it!

Is Pretzel safe for Twitch?

Yes, Pretzel Rocks is 100% safe, DMCA free and copyright free music for Twitch. Tens of thousands of hours of music with a plethora of different genres are safe and ready to be live streamed to Twitch and YouTube.

What is Monstercat Gold?

Monstercat Gold is a licensing program from the Monstercat music label that offers access to AAA artists releases, to stream pre-released music and download tracks in ANY format from their ever growing catalog.

Additionally, they offer benefits like exclusive discounts to their merch store and exclusive access to the Monstercat Gold Discord server.

Is AnjunaBeats copyright free?

Absolutely! Twitch has collaborated with AnjunaBeats to produce the Twitch x Anjuna Beats playlist, that you can find on Spotify, and they have amassed 500 DMCA free music tracks in an actively growing catalog.

Which DMCA Free Music Service for Twitch?

No longer do you have to guess if or when a DMCA takedown request might end up in your email inbox and now you can continue to create content at your leisure. There are a plethora of DMCA free music streaming services that will suit your favorite genres from electronic, hip hop and trance.

Most of these services offer a free trial or an entire free tier so you can rest assured that the music you’re using in the background of a VoD or during your live stream will no longer result in a Twitch copyright strike.

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