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Game Streaming Basics is devoted to reviewing all things live streaming.

Hardware, software, apps and everything that excites a new or seasoned streamer. If you get excited with the announcement of a new microphone, headphones or gaming peripherals, then you are at the right place.

Twitch Streaming Equipment

This website has been created to help remove the confusion associated with choosing all of the hardware and software required to construct your live streaming setup. Providing simplified, yet a cohesive resource for readers with an interest in live streaming, these curated reviews will combat the gluttony of endless hardware combinations and options possible for your game streaming experience.

Audio Mixer

An audio mixer is critical for a professional streaming environment, whether you currently employ multiple microphones, a dual pc streaming setup or multiple video game consoles like an Xbox and a PlayStation.

USB Audio Interface

A USB audio interface is great for those with a high-end XLR microphone and want to stream the highest quality audio to their streaming audience.


Can make or break any live streaming setup — whether an XLR or USB microphone will always be superior to a headset microphone.

Capture Card

In order for your audience to see your live gameplay you will require an capture device. Capture cards are getting better and more affordable every year, some of them even push 4k 60hz with ease.

Stream Deck

In an effort to manage all of the various Intro screens, outro screens, transitions, etc. A Stream Deck is a handy tool for those wanting to increase their production quality without requiring an entire television’s studio equipment list to do so.

Streaming Software

In order to put all of this together you’ll also require specialized software. Thankfully we have OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS to make your streaming career a reality. Both free and open sourced, they’re widely considered the best solutions for streaming software.

Making the best decisions for your game streaming setup is paramount, whether that is a new camera or microphone, to which mixer or audio interface is the best for your needs. All of these guides and reviews will provide a tremendous resource for gamers and streamers alike, aiding in better, more optimized hardware and software decisions.