5 Discord Bots for Streamers

Discord is a great place for growing online communities and keeping up to date with your audience. You can make this process much easier with a multipurpose tool called a Discord bot and this will make chat moderation, server management and streaming music and movies much easier to create, organize and execute.

In order to achieve your live streaming goals, check out the 5 Discord Bots for Streamers:


Nightbot Discord Streamer

Nightbot is a Twitch and Youtube chatbot to help automate moderation and other new features in order to help entertain your viewers. Nightbot can seamlessly and easily sync to a Discord server and this allows you to integrate your live streaming chat and moderation tools from Twitch.

Additionally, Nightbot has several features that help distinguish it from other Discord bots currently available. The majority of Nightbot’s ease of use and simplicity is derived from the control panel it employs, called a dashboard.

The Nightbot dashboard is a hub in which many features and analytics that can show you who the top chatters are, which commands are the most popular and more. From this they also employ pretty heft spam detection and they work hard on keeping ahead of new kinds of chat spam.

Outside of these chat features they also have a long list of useful and fun commands, some of these include: Giveaways, timers, the ability to exempt chat regulars from spam filters, song requests and more.

Nightbot Commands

Nightbot comes preloaded with a helpful list of default commands that are designed to help new users create a moderated chat environment, some of which are as follows:

  • !commands –  allows users to see a list of channel commands and allows moderators to manage custom commands
  • !commercial – runs a commercial or ad on your stream
  • !filters – allows moderators to manage spam protection filter settings
  • !game – allows users to see the current game of the stream and allows moderators to change the current game
  • !marker – creates a stream marker in your Twitch channel to easily return to later
  • !poll – allows moderators to create a Strawpoll in chat
  • !regulars – allows moderators to manage a list of channel regulars
  • !songs – allows users to request songs and moderators to manage the requested song queue
  • !tags – edits your streams tag to improve discoverability
  • !title – allows users to see the current title of the stream and allows moderators to alter or change the current title
  • !winner – allows moderators to choose a random active user as a winner

There are also has a list of popular custom variables that anyone can access; the following list is a small set of the most popular options:

  • !LeagueOfLegends – allows you to create commands that display rank information for a summoner name
  • !Lastfm – will scrobble the Lastfm account to play the latest song
  • !game – can display the current game you’re playing on stream
  • !songs – can pull from Youtube and Soundcloud in order to queue up your favorite music
  • !Steam – allows you to post information about a given Steam profile
  • !weather – displays weather information about a given location

If you’re looking for more detail into how to create custom commands or a full list of commands, head over to the commands wiki.


MEE6 Discord Bot for Streamers
Coutesty of MEE6.xyz

MEE6 is a Discord bot with an easy to use dashboard to help you customize and control your experience through the creation of custom commands, strict moderation and spam tools, along with a leveling up system for users. 

MEE6 makes it easy to set up and create an announcement plugin that will notify your server when a content creator begins to stream, upload and post content. These notifications can simply and easily set up for game streaming and social media websites like Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and Reddit.

How to Use MEE6

How the MEE6 Discord bot functions can be easily broken into three major categories: Moderation, Leveling Up and Music. In order to use the MEE6 Discord bot you will want to familiarize yourself with them, however, this is just scratching the surface as there are more features and tools being added all the time.

  • Moderation – will protect your server with a bad world filter, bad links, spamming emojis, all caps messages, and more! Plus a list of moderation commands
  • Leveling Up – Reward your users with XP points and it comes with a server leaderboard that you can customize with custom ranks and colors that stand out from the crowd
  • Music – A free music bot for Discord, MEE6 provides a feature rich, visual player that provides 24/7 play, looping, volume boosting, seeking and more

These are just the basics that the MEE6 Discord bot provides and they have additional functions should you require them, such as integration with streaming and social media platforms.

MEE6 Twitch Alerts

You can set up your MEE6 Discord bot to automatically post and update when you or your favorite content creators go live through Twitch alerts. This can be easily set up in just a few simple steps and won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

  • Go to the Twitch plugin in your dashboard, authorize MEE6 to access your account, select the Discord server you wish to add MEE6 to, click on Plugins > then Twitch, click Yes to enable
  • Using the Twitch plugin search for the Twitch channel of your choice, create a new message in the message box, choose which channel to post it in, click Save
  • You’re done!

Exact same steps can be done to enable Twitter alerts, instead of searching for the Twitch plugin, search for the Twitter plugin. Along with social media integration, MEE6 comes packed with a diverse list of commands and this should provide a helpful cheatsheet for your Discord server.

MEE6 Commands List

  • !ban – will ban a specific user from server
  • !tempban – temporarily bans a specific user from server
  • !clear – will delete the channel’s messages
  • !infractions – displays a list of the users infractions
  • !kick – will remove a user from the server
  • !mute – will server-mute a user
  • !tempmute – temporarily server-mute a user
  • !role-info – get information about a specific role
  • !server-info – get information about the current server
  • !slowmode – can enable or disable the slowmode in the channel
  • !unban – unbans a user from the server
  • !unmute – unmutes a user from the server
  • !user-info – get information about a specific user!warn – will warn a user

MEE6 Music Commands

Some of these are self explanatory, while others might require a brief explanation.

  • !play – start playing from the queue
  • !search – will search for a song
  • !record – will record the current conversation in the voice channel
  • !seek – will jump to a specific time in the track
  • !volume – adjusts the volume of the current song up to 200%
  • !add – add a song to the queue
  • !queue – will list the songs currently in queue
  • !clear-queue – will purge all songs from the queue
  • !skip – skips to the next song in queue
  • !vote-skip – starts a vote to skip to the next song in queue
  • !join – the bot will join your voice channel
  • !leave – the bot will leave your voice channel
  • !stop – stops the current song
  • !start-quiz – begins a music quiz
  • !stop-quiz – stops the current music quiz
  • !stop-recording – stops the recording and posts link to the audio file

Groovy bot

Groovy bot for Discord Streamers
Courtesy of Groovy.bot

Groovy bot is often cited as one of the best and most popular music bots for Discord. The majority of development surrounding it is focused on a seamless and easy to use music bot that can be integrated into any Discord server with more options than any other music bot.

Groovy bot supports a wider range of websites to pull music and playlists from while remaining very easy to use and maintaining a stable and high uptime environment.

One of the features that Groovy bot boasts is a lag free streaming environment; once you request Groovy bot to play a song or a playlist from Spotify, it can switch with ease and begin playing within moments.

Groovy bot and Spotify

Groovy bot can play music from a multitude of sources including Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. In order to have Groovy bot play from Spotify just click on Share > Copy Playlist Link > copy this into your chat with the -play tag and you’re all set.

Groovy Discord Bot commands

The Groovy Bot commands list can be separated into the free and premium options, however this list will encompass the free commands available to all users after installing a Groovy bot on their Discord server.

  • -play – will play a song
  • -join – makes the bot join your voice channel
  • -queue – displays the queue
  • -next – skips to the next song
  • -back – skips to the previous song
  • -clear – removes all tracks from the queue
  • -jump – skips to the specified track
  • -loop track – starts looping the current track
  • -loop queue – starts looping the current queue
  • -loop off – stops looping
  • -lyrics – displays the lyrics of the current track
  • -pause – pauses playback
  • -resume – resumes playback
  • -remove – removes the specified track from the queue
  • -song – displays info about the current track
  • -stop – stops the current playing track
  • -announce – toggles the announcing of the “Now playing” message

And many, many more

Dyno bot

Dyno bot Discord Bot for Streamers
Courtesy of Dyno.gg

Dyno bot is designed to be a customizable and fully automated Discord bot that utilizes an easy to use dashboard that simplifies Discord server management.

How to Set Up Dyno bot Auto Role

Auto roles module has two parts to it, Auto roles and Joinable ranks

Auto roles will allow the Dyno bot to automatically assign or remove a role after a member join your server.

Joinable ranks will allow you to create roles in your server that users can join after typing the “?rank” command. 

You can easily set up Auto Roles by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to your account and select your server
  2. Locate the Autoroles button under Modules
  3. Enable the module
  4. Select the role to be assigned or removed
  5. Add a delay if needed, default is 10 days or 14400 minutes
  6. Click the Add button

The steps in order to set up Joinable Ranks is exactly the same as above, but instead of selecting the Autoroles module you will select the Joinable Ranks module instead.

If you’re interested in more information about Autoroles you can check out the wiki here.

Dyno bot Commands

The Dyno bot wiki has a massive list of all available commands along with a brief description of their functions. Thankfully, it’s broken down into sub categories in order to make searching a much easier experience.

Divided into 8 categories, they’re defined as:

  • Info – general information, query information or uptime info
  • Manager – adds moderator roles, server roles, enable modules, manage user roles
  • Moderator – can ban, silence, ignore and kick members
  • Miscellaneous – can set afk tags, color tags or emotes
  • Fun – can summon random cat or dog pictures, dad jokes or chuck norris facts
  • Roles – can see the rank, add ranks or delete ranks
  • Tags – can list tags or create new tags
  • Slowmode – enable or disable slowmode

For a full list of commands, you can search the wiki here.

Dyno bot Status

Dyno bot has a webpage to monitor outages and it can be reached: Dyno bot Status

You can search for your specific server by ID in the search bar and further below you can see the uptime on all servers, sorted by free and premium services and they’re segmented by Operational / Partial Outage / Major Outage flags.

Dank Memer

Dank Memer Discord Bot for Streamers
Courtesy of Dankmemer.lol

Dank Memer is a multipurpose Discord bot that’s purely designed to have fun and promote a laid back and enjoyable environment.

The Dank Memer Discord bot has a plethora of commands available and that’s one of its strongest selling points. It’s feature rich and fun, this is a growing Discord bot as well, boasting 4 million servers and growing.

Additionally, you have access to chat moderation tools, ability to play music, however there are several games that you can play with the Dank Memer Discord bot, whether you choose simple animal pictures, to a gambling game, bank robbing and more.

The developer team supports a massive list of commands, too many to list here, however you can hop on over to https://dankmemer.lol/commands and search for your favorite ones!

How to Setup the Twitch bot to your Discord?

How to Setup your Twitch bot to Discord

The Nightbot Discord app makes this one of the easier routes to take, however most bots these days include some form of Twitch integration.

In order to access Nightbot in Discord you must follow these steps:

  • Download Discord and create your server
  • Sign into Nightbot and click on the Integrations tab
  • Click on Connect and grant Nightbot access to your Discord server
  • Once connected and linked, all Nightbot chat functions should work seamlessly between Twitch and Discord

This assumes that you have an already functioning Nightbot in your Twitch chat and are only interested in integrating it with your newly created Discord server.

Should you require assistance with setting up Nightbot with your Twitch chat, head over to https://nightbot.tv/ and follow their 3 step process.

How to Integrate Twitch subs with your Discord?

Twitch Integration with Discord
Courtesy of the Discord Blog

You can quickly and easily integrate all of your Twitch subs with Discord in a few steps. Make sure that you have Discord open on your computer.

  • Search near the bottom of the Discord app to see the Cogwheel labeled User Settings
  • Click on User Settings and look for the Connections tab
  • Click on the Connections tab and then enable the Twitch app
  • Discord will automatically sync with Twitch

However, if you’re interested in the creation of a sub-only server where only subs from your Twitch chat have access to your super secret Discord, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  • Sync your Discord account with your Twitch account by searching for the Cogwheel labeled User Settings
  • Click on Connections and enable the Twitch app
  • Sync it with your Discord server by going to Server Settings and clicking on Twitch Integration
  • New permissions role has been auto-created for your Twitch subs and this can be renamed under Server Settings look for Roles

That’s it! It’s pretty easy to set up and get back to doing what you do best. However, should you be a live streaming and want to stream the audio from your Discord server to Twitch, then this next step will help you.

How to Stream Discord Audio on Twitch?

How to Stream Discord Audio on Twitch
Couresty of Discord

Discord has a great hub for all things live streaming and they call it their Streamkit. They allow direct integration with many popular third party live streaming programs including OBS. You can accomplish this task with ease in a matter of a few steps, just like this:

First thing we’ll need to do is create a source that allows OBS to distinguish the audio from Discord from any other audio source you currently have enabled.

  • Open OBS and look for the Sources section
  • Click on the + sign at the bottom of the Sources section
  • Select Desktop Audio

Once you’ve selected Desktop Audio you need to double back into the main OBS settings and edit it so the correct audio stream is being broadcasted.

  • Go to Settings and click on the Audio tab
  • Search for Desktop Audio, if it isn’t there, create a Source named “Desktop Audio”
  • Select the Desktop Audio from the dropdown menu and confirm it’s your Discord audio and not game audio or any additional audio source

This will allow your viewers on Twitch to listen along with you to the Discord audio. If you’re having any difficulty separating the audio sources make sure game audio or additional third party programs aren’t also using the Desktop Audio source.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 5 Discord Bots for Streamers

Is Nightbot Free?

Yes, Nightbot is completely free. You can install Nightbot as your Discord bot and within seconds have access to all of Nightbot’s features; including spam protection, fully searchable chat logs, fully customizable along with an easy to use dashboard.

Is the MEE6 bot good?

Absolutely, the MEE6 is one of the most popular Discord bots available and is considered by most users to be very good. It offers several automated chat moderation tools along with Twitch and Twitter alerts, a long list of commands and a very easy to use dashboard.

Can Groovy bot play Spotify?

Yes, you can easily link a Spotify music track or music playlist directly into Groovy bot with a simple command. Groovy bot can play from several websites including YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and more by invoking the -play tag in Discord.

What does Dyno bot do in Discord?

Dyno bot is a popular Discord bot that allows the user to fully customize their server moderation. It achieves this with many additional features through a simple and intuitive web dashboard; this makes server management a lot easier and this ease of use along with consistent uptime affords Dyno bot is used on roughly 3 million Discord servers.

What can the Dank Memer bot do?

The Dank Memer Discord bot has a plethora of functions, it can play games, show pictures, play music and all around just have a good time. This is a multipurpose bot, not a music bot or a strict chat moderation bot, if you’re looking for something more than the aforementioned Discord bots, then consider the light-hearted Dank Memer.

In Conclusion

The use of Discord bots as a multipurpose tool is a growing trend among many live streamers. It can bring many benefits from strong chat moderation tools, server management, music playlists along with strict integration with live streaming platforms and social media sites like Twitch, YouTube, Reddit and Twitter.

Which of the 5 Discord bots for Streamers is your favorite and why? There are many more popping up every day with easy to use dashboards and brand new features. With millions of Discord servers around, it’s only telling that this is a growing niche and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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